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    Agribiotecnologia de Costa Rica
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    Specialists in micropropagation of plants growing in vitro
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    The largest facilities for in vitro culture of Latin America
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    From our labs to your farm
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    Succesful harvest
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    Cutting-edge technology

Currently ACR has an area of 8,400 m2 greenhouse area of 1,800 m2 laboratory 7 has nursery . It has installed for the production of approximately 15 million plantlets per year. Is the leading company in the production and marketing of plantlets being the first of its kind in Latin America.

Extensive experience in breeding selection and propagation of high-value crops such as bananas, pineapples, coffee , sugar cane , vanilla, forest species, ornamental plants , orchids, among other energy crops . It has over 250 protocols for propagation Musa , coffee , pineapple, sugar cane , vanilla, forest , orchids , ornamental plants, bio-energy , roots and tubers among others.

Produce disease-free plants with high genetic stability. Certified under ISO 9001:2008 INTE has standardized its processes ensuring quality plantlets.

Aware of the importance of the service we provide after sales service and support to our customers which has allowed us to create a vast network of clients and strategic worldwide who know and trust our quality and service partners. While we supply markets directly in the U.S., Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa and also have strategic partners in Ecuador , Peru , El Salvador , Dominican Republic , Africa , Mexico and others.

In constant spirit of innovation maintain an active program of research and development both in the field of biotechnology and modern systems of agricultural production. We also collaborate with institutions such as the National Banana Corporation ( CORBANA ) Coffee Institute ( ICAFE ), School for the Humid Tropics (EARTH ), University of Costa Rica (UCR ) , Technological Institute of Costa Rica (TEC ), National Biodiversity Institute ( INBio ) and CLAYUCA.

Aware of the importance of environmental sustainability Agribio seeks a production process focused on energy savings, water efficiency , low use of conventional fertilizers and integrated pest and disease using alternative systems , use of beneficial microorganisms and bioproducts.

Agribio seeking physical , mental and social development of their employees being so is constantly implementing actions that provide health and safety and it ensures that adequate training , training, provides job stability, work environment based on teamwork and good communication . It has highly qualified personnel in areas of biotechnology, agricultural engineers , Ing Forest , Export, Sales and Business Administration.