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    Agribiotecnologia de Costa Rica
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    Specialists in micropropagation of plants growing in vitro
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    The largest facilities for in vitro culture of Latin America
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    From our labs to your farm
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    Succesful harvest
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    Cutting-edge technology

Our experience in developing and managing projects totaling more than 15,000 acres in various agro- industrial export activities allows us to understand the needs and requirements of our customers.

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• Musáceas:

- Great Selections dwarf (Set OA- 058) , Williams (Set OA -185 ) , Valery ( OA- 005) among others
- Selections diploid (AA )

Teams - Banana: Curraré dwarf , male x female and Maqueño

• Pina : MD-2
• Energy crops:

- selections of King grass (P. purpureum ) Arundo donax and
- Cassava for Ethanol Production

• Forest Plants: Teak , Gmelina , Acacia
• Café
• Ornamental plants
• Roots and tubers: Cassava and Sweet Potato

• orchids ( Vanilla)