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    Agribiotecnologia de Costa Rica
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    Specialists in micropropagation of plants growing in vitro
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    The largest facilities for in vitro culture of Latin America
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    From our labs to your farm
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    Succesful harvest
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    Cutting-edge technology

Our experience in developing and managing projects totaling more than 15,000 acres in various agro- industrial export activities allows us to understand the needs and requirements of our customers.

Research and development of protocols for in vitro propagation techniques and other commercial propagation of plants

Development of plant propagation systems high quality commercially , using techniques in vitro and ex vitro , looking for quality, safety and efficiency in our processes, by providing our customers materials under strict quality planting schedules deliveries.

Why micro propagation?

These techniques allow the commercial cloning of plants with superior features and free of virus yields, with : uniformity, genetic fitness , cleaning pest and disease / virus , greater vigor, rejuvenilizacion tissue , rapid growth and commercial scaling.

Development and Project Management Agroindustriales

We have a team of professionals and a vast network of contacts, providing integrated solutions to industrial projects .
Since its inception the group has participated Agribio focused and developed projects in the field of Agribusiness nationally and internationally such as the Forestry Production , Projects Pineapple and Banana , production and industrialization of juices and pulps (Orange , Pineapple, Passion Fruit level , etc), Production and export of Ornamental Plants .

Scientific direction and technical support

We participate in all stages of your project, offering extensive experience in planning / structuring , financial analysis , development, implementation and operation of industrial projects : Musaceaes Pineapple Forest , Citrus , ornamentals Roots and tubertulos and biofuels.

Others Services:

Clean viruses
Germplasm conservation
Improvement via somaclonal selection
Seed viability analysis


Chamber of Industries of Costa Rica
ASHS (American Society of Horticultural Science)